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KIMONO Experience

​KIMONO rental & experience

Would you like to have a wonderful kimono experience in Yamanashi?

You can choose kimonos with colorful designs or antique designs.

It doesn't take long to put on the kimono. After putting on your kimono, head out to the beautiful Japanese spots of Yamanashi.


You can choose your favorite design from a wide variety of kimonos.


It only takes a few minutes to put on the kimono.


You can wear a kimono and enjoy your free time.

Guidance of kimono plan



Kimono experience for groups or events

2hour simple obi and kimono experience

▪️Group discount :

  • 30 persons or more 2,750 yen per person

  • 8~29 persons 3,500 yen per person

▪️Dressing time : 7 minutes per person

▪️Kimono experience free time: 2 hours

▪️​Groups should consist of at least 8 persons.


kimono experiences and Tea ceremony
in Japanese old private house

A traditional tea ceremony in tubomihouse kawaguchiko by wearing a kimono .Private tea ceremony, casual tea ceremony ,tea ceremony and sweets making and so on.


▪️ 2 hours 

▪️ 8000yen per person



  • Simple hairstyling for women : 1,100Yen(Tax included)

  • Rental hair ornaments : 0Yen


We prepare the design to match the kimono. Kimono of the image will change in hair ornaments.

  • 1 hour extension fee: 550 yen per person

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2153-1 Kodachi, Fujikawaguchiko-cho, Minamitsuru-gun, Yamanashi Prefecture

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